Rocketbox can take your project from initial concept to installed masterpiece. We will design and plan the installation, as well as project manage the fabrication and installment, including interpretation pods, sound design, film and motion graphics production and technical installation of projectors.

Rocketbox has worked with a diverse range of museums, creating small installations to whole exhibitions, as far afield from us in Somerset, as Orkney, Scotland. We can manage a whole project or just help with some elements along your journey.


How you present the information is critical to success. We are experts in transforming your ideas into something that is not only informative but also innovative and beautiful. We strive to delight your target audience making information easy to read, ensuring that we are inclusive and using an appropriate tone of voice.


A space inclusive
of everyone

We all see the world in different ways and we make sure that our work can be accessed by as many audiences as possible – we ensure that we use a variety of methods to convey information as not all audiences want to read lots of detail. We use clear language, consider contrast of images and text, use subtitles as well as thinking carefully about the height that we display things at.

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Museum interpretation designers providing innovative ways to engage audiences and display artefacts and information.

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Museum designers in the south west who will engage your visitors with exciting ways of sharing stories and heritage.

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Explosive Exhibition design and layout thats guaranteed to launch your collection no matter what the size and shape of the space.

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Clear and innovative ideas to seamlessly guide your visitors and enhance their experience of your attraction.

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Digital and analogue interactives to reach all audiences with breath taking ways to experience your collection.

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Touchscreen infographics and animation to provide an exciting immersive experience for an inclusive experience.

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Bringing your maps to life to make navigation simple, attractive and engaging to suit the target audience.

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